Lay’s Flavor Challenge

Lay’s is inviting us, the unwashed public, to determine the new flavor for Lay’s Potato Chips. You can join in on the email harvesting/fun at

I can’t find my flavor I went with a Cinnamon Sugar Teriyaki flavor because I think that sauce tastes good on Baked Lay’s but no doubt some garlic wasabi flavor will win and nobody will eat those chips. It is also somewhat antithetical to my whole no flavor added chips because when it’s all over, flavored chips are just chemical dust added to subpar chips. Good chips don’t need flavor enhancers and in most cases the flavor added to  the chip is just some capitalist’s idea of what the flavor should be based on how little they can spend to achieve the desired effect. But seriously give Lay’s a chance. The prize is a million dollars and there’s a finite number of flavor combos so you might win. Even though you almost certainly will not.